Someone has tried the flat door before but it was during the day.

Last night at approx 4.30am Vonnie heard someone try the door handle and wolk me up. So I went investigating.

Noone was in the flat despite Vonnie thinking she heard someone actually in the flat but the keys were still in the locked door. I did hear someone drunkenly stumbling about in the close so im assuming it was some xmas reveller that forgot where he stayed. Has to be said though that I didnt really get back to sleep after that though.

My mum came up and dropped our presents off and we headed down to Vonnie’s Nana and Mothers for the day to see them rather than on xmas day itself. A ‘home bt 3.30pm’ turned into us getting home about 8 and picking up a pizza on the way. I’d feel asleep in the car on the way from Vonnie’s Nana’s to her mum’s so i was feeling slightly perkier that everyone else so I’ve stayed up to finished the present wrapping. Finn’s got loads of stuff but seeing as I actually know whats in it it still doenst feel like that much.

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