Merry christmas to one and all

If you ever have children or ever look after children on christmas eve night…do not under any circumstances let them sleep in your bed.

For an xmas treat Finn was allowed to sleep with us now that we’ve got the mattress for the bed. I was knackered after the xmas eve assault course but I think I managed 30 mins sleep before Finns windmilling in bed and constant moans to get a drink (he’s not allowed anything after a certain time as he sleeps that soundly he sometimes has trouble getting up and awake enough in time to make it to the toilet when he’s really bursting…depends how deep a sleep he’s waking up from…and he will kill me for this when he’s older) before Vonnie snapped at 4.30 and gave him a sip of her juice. He still kept windmilling though so I was still awake at 5.30am.

I decided enough was enough and went through to the couch after moving him to my side of the bed to let Vonnie get a bit of sleep. I stuck on my Long Way Round DVD in an attempt to numb my brain enough with the scenery that I would fall asleep. It didnt work and at 5.45am the neighbours downstairs kids woke up and started playing with a musical instrument they’d been given and then at 6.30 put on thier new cd/turned on their new hifi. Luckily a cluster headache had hit me before 6am so I had something to take my mind off the noise…

We had trouble waking up Finn after 8am as he was ‘tired’ but as he was ‘a good boy Santa would have came so the presents would be there’ when he eventually decided to wake up. You cant fault the kids logic…

Lots of :(‘s becuase there was no Thunderbirds stuff (which we didnt really know he wanted as he’d only told his dad) and lot’s of :)‘s when he found out how much Lego he got.

I made Xmas dinner and for someone thats never cooked a whole chicken before or used a steamer I was impressed with how it came out. I wish my cooker had one of those warming sections on it though as the dinner suffered from the usual ‘too much food and only a small cooker’ speedy cooling down once it hit the plate. Loads of leftovers though so I think a homemade curry is on the cards one night this week.

Most impressed with my presents this year although the scarf Vonnie made me and the greenday DVD Scott gave me are fighting a losing battle with my new dressing gown for the spot of favourite present. I’ll see how they get on once I actually get dressed though as I get the feeling they might get back into the game then ;)

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