Well 1 years gone past…

And technically this blog is a year old…its more than that but this incarnation was kicked into existance over the new year holidays.

Its been a year of surprises and many pleasant things.

In January I set myself the task of of getting on with my life after splitting up with Susie the previous year. It was awkward still living with her at times but I got through it. I seen alot more of a girl that I kind of liked but she’d just split up with her boyfriend and I didnt think I was ready yet. We became good friends and had many a night out together. By February I’d got together with Vonnie. She broke down my defences and I’d fallen for her. To be honest that had happened back in December but various things stopped me.

March seen both our birthdays as well as alot of other folks which for two weeks seen me run about Glasgow trying to go out for Susies night out for a bit and see some friends before rushing across town to spend the rest of the night with Vonnie. It was round about this time that I started to get a bit annoyed with Susie. Yes she seemed to want to stay friends but other than her work I knew nothing about her. Her social life became almost a secret which is fair enough but when I was purposely not going out or arranging things so that we could spend time as mates only for her to not come home or disappear to the pub without even asking me if I wanted to go along…it hurt. I’d lost her as my girlfriend and id got over that but i was starting to lose her as a friend this time. Can’t blame her though, she was trying to get on with her life just as I was trying to get on with mine. Looking back on it I didnt do any of the things I was moaing about her not doing either.

Vonnie got me the most amazing birthday present, a ticket to Download at Donnington in the summer and I took her to see Boiling a Frog at the Tron with her birthday present.

April and May came and went and things were going great with Vonnie. We were planning our future together and nothing seemed wrong with the world. You couldnt imagine…well some of you could…how happy i was. Susie was looking to move out if she could find somewhere although she ended up knocking back moving in with Lou and I started looking into how I could keep the flat on.

June came and we spent a great long weekend at Donnington seeing some great bands and having a good laugh with our mates. Vonnie was convinced she pregnant whilst at Donnington and so done a handful of tests and not one came back positive. A week later it was and my boss had to ask my why a huge grin appeared on my face after I got off the phone with Vonnie. Now I know for a fact alot of people thought this was to soon and I’m sure a few of my friends were amongst these people. I almost cried when I told my mum the day I found out purely because I didnt know what was going to happen next…never having been there before five thousand and one things flew through my head at once and I dont function when that happens :) I almost cried when I told Susie that night, not because I didnt want to be a dad but because its a damn awkward thing to do..telling your ex that you live with that your going to be a dad and also because it was the one thing we’d agreed on when we were together that there was going to be no kids. Looking back at that time I ran about with my head up my arse for about 3 weeks. Anyone that says otherwise is lying :)

July seen an aborted trip to TitP after we realised how crap it was after being spoiled at Donnington. I think we managed until about 10am on the sunday morning before giving up and heading home. and August seen the start of the paperwork that meant I was buying the flat from Susie. Never realised how long that would take!

September and October came along and Lizzie moved into the flat in Govanhill with us and we moved out not long after. We still didnt have the flat so we moved in with my parents to try and give everyone some space to actually live in. 5 weeks on a futon does not a happy back make.

Eventually November came along and we moved into the flat in EK. Took a full week to get all the boxes from Govanhill and my parents house up into the flat and it took the entire month to be able to see half of the living room. Actually now I come to think of it thats 8 weeks the flats been full of boxes and ive still got about 25% of them to sort out. At the end of Novemeber our tumble dryer blew up. It was old and had probably been hanging on my a thread for years but it was gone not to return. This caused us a problem as we hadnt budgetted for a new one especially with christmas coming up. Eventually managed to get my parents old dryer but that too blew up after a few weeks. I just did not have any luck with electrical devices in 2005!

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    You made me cry! At work!

    I love you, toots :)


  2. Clareybear [Visitor] says:

    Just goes to show you Bob, everything happens for a reason, although it’s not always clear at the time what those reasons might be!

    At the end of the day your friends just want to see you happy and I hope you are!


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