Bloody hell its been busy

OK..I promised Vonnie I’d update last night but other things cropped up and I forgot :S

So New Year…

Dave had planned his Hoggmany party for ages and Steve was trying to get us to go over to his seeing Kats pregnant as well and it would be a quiet night. If I was going anywhere it would have been the Hoggmeisters but as fate would have it both myself and Vonnie sat inthe living room wrapped in duvets struggling to stay awake to see the bells whilst Finn jumped about like crazy. Only an Excuse and Chewing the Fat were passable this year but that was about it. Turned the TV over to BBC2 to catch Jools Hollands New Year Hootinany or whatever he calls it for the bells. Always a good show that one although he always has the most famous unknowns you’ll ever see on British TV at some point in the show. Just as the bells hit fireworks started going off around our flat so we woke up a little and sat and watched them from the window for 20 mins before dragging Finn to bed and collapsing ourselves.

Saturday past was Mark’s birthday and so he held X-LAN 2 at his house for the lads to go around and have a laugh for the day.Thankfully we didnt touch HALO whilst I was there as I despise the game but Stoo talked Mark into running Splinter Cell which as a multiplayer game amongst us I really enjoyed. Not sure I fancy it as a single player game or an Xbox live game with folk I dont know in other parts of the world though.

After leaving Marks I headed into Glasgow with Vonnie to meet Papazeb for a few drinks as it was his last night out and Vonnie still hadnt met him yet. I’d intended to have a couple of drinks then have an early night but thanks to the range of bourbon on offer in Stavka I got slightly tipsy and vonnie handed me another 30 quid to keep going.

Ended up leaving about 30 mins after Vonnie left though as I really didnt want to go on to the Garage. Got some food, missed the ‘last’ 16, hada 30 min wait for the 18, gave up and phoned a taxi, just as the taxi turned up the 16 went past, got told when I got in the cab thatthe festive fares were still in operation and thought 1/3 onto 12 quid is still only 16 quid which I had on me, got out the taxi at Dunedin as it had hit 18 quid already on the meter which meant it would be at least 20 quid by the time I got to the flat, just as I got out the taxi the 66 went past and the heavens opened. Fuck that…I think someone was telling me I shouldnt have bothered going out at all!

Oh and I bought an Xbox. For those that know me and my hatred for the things…he made me do it! *Points at random person out the window*

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    Ima gonna kill you

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