Ever had one of those days where everything just frustrated you? But you couldnt care less?

That was my Sunday. I dont know what it was but thats how I felt.

I’ve spent the last 4 days trying to clear the washing that we brought from the Govanhill flat. Vonnie has loads of clothes and stuff but very few places to keep them so just before Lizzie moved in everything was either put in a plastic bag or into ikea washing baskets where the cat liked to sleep. This meant everything had to be washed to either get the cat hairs or the binbag smell off of them. On Sunday morning I ran out of washing liquid and it infuriated me…but I couldnt be arsed going to the shops for more until about 4pm.

I spent a fair wee bit of time playing Burnout 3 and GTA:VC as well…and it really annoyed me how easily I was getting the gold medals in the crash levels. I know I know…annoyed when I’m doing well. But it meant those levels were over in about 30 seconds…waste of money! Mind you I still cant get a hang of some of the other games on it so I’m sure my crappness at those will bring my happiness levels back up. In GTA:VC I couldnt get past the level at teh beginning where you need to start a riot and blow up 3 vans, Being used to the PC’s F/3PS where you click to fire where teh mouse is pointing really messed with me as well as ducking when you press the left stick button…my thumbs are too heavy. It annoyed me that much that I went a read a book…it really did annoy me but for some reason I didnt actually care. I went back later that day and completed it first time whithout a hitch and it didnt bother me that it wound me up so much.

Then from about about 8pm I had a fidgetty knee. I would normally want to kick down a wall to stop it twitching but despite being annoyed I didnt give a shit…still didnt get to sleep until about 2am because of it though :S

Fair enough its not the worst way to feel in teh world but it was an unusual finish to the weekend considering itwas the first time where I could relax and do nothing since moving all the stuff into the flat.

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    My word, you’re a torn-faced auld bastard at times ;)

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    oi…less of the auld! :(

  3. Mark [Visitor] says:

    I love the crash levels, just to see how much carnage you can cause.

    Feel free to pop over and borrow some more games if you like

  4. -RSG [Visitor] says:

    Crash Mode = amazin’.

    In Burnout 4, you can play them 2-player… SIMULTANEOUSLY!

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