Old Man Rant

Right you folk I’m going to talk about babies..well not babies as such but baby things.

My parents very kindly bought a pram for us. We were going to get a mothercare one but after looking at the Mamas and Papas Sale we decided on one of theres. There was a pram and mypod ‘pack’ tha was reduced to half price and considering the pram alone was worth about 285 quid I think we ot a good deal.

Now heres the bit that confused the hell out of us. As it was my parents buying it it had to be delivered to thier house. Now you’d expect a pram and what is essentially a fancy slimline carrycot thing to come in one large box and one litte/meduim sized box. No…the pram came in its expected box (but at this point we werent aware everything for it was in the one box) and there were another two boxes. One of which was large enough that I could fit in it if I crouched down. The smaller one held the lining of the Mypod and the huge one held the plastic base for it. Now instead of putting it n a box that just fitted the base…maybe with a little padding…they put it ina huge square based box where the base sat diagonally across it taking up the largest possible space it could and then left a huge gap at the top. What was the point in that? Means you cant stack them in a warehouse like that so it had to be some stupid person that specially packed it for us and it probably cost more to post it that way.

Enough of my old man ranting though and on to my childish wonder. Whoever designs prams must have played with technic leoo alot as a child. Pull a lever and twist a handle the the hold thing collapses into a space half its original size. I couldnt stop playing with it last night!

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  1. Clareybear [Visitor] says:

    They do that to charge you extra for packaging – Grr

    That used to do my nut in when I worked with it, I would design proper custom build boxes and people still insist on throwing wee bits into HUGE boxes

    Rant over

    Oh, and stop playin with it – u’ll break it!

  2. Vonnie [Member] says:


    You are losing the plot, my good man :p

  3. -RSG [Visitor] says:

    But when you transform it… Does it make the right noise?

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