Since I dont have a proper update written quite yet…

I thought I’d share my “10 things I’ve done but you probably haven’t” list from back in early 2005.

1. Standing outside my hotel in Moscow at 3am or some other stupid time in the morning wearing only a bad religion teeshirt and long shorts in -30oC whilst trying to explain to the very nice policeman in broken russian why I was taking pictures of their foreign ministry ie “It wisnae me guv”

2. Sat within 5 foot of Robbie Williams in the departure lounge and on the plane for over 3 hours and not once try and throw something resembling a weapon at him.

3. Called a custard pie warning into Faslane just as 10 folk drove up to the gate and let loose with about 40 custard pies at anyone in uniform that was near enough.

4. Stayed for a fortnight at the East Lomond Peace camp and spent my days building bonfires, my nights burning them and my mornings drawing pictures on the message tent.

5. Managed to talk 3 attractive girls into letting me stay the rest of my holiday in their apartment after the owner of ours found out i was there and hadnt paid. A very interesting week and a half

6. Had a 30 minute snowball fight around a swimming pool in Majorca in the middle of July.

7. Managing to convice two of my friends that Sticky Vicki’s “daughter” was always a girl. It was only after he’d been on the recieving end of some oral that I told him the truth. I’ll probably go to hell for that one actually if hes got anything to do with it.

8. Built a 6′ quarterpipe for our skateboards with my mates when we were 10-11. We had folk coming from all over town to use it!

9. Flew on Aeroflot and lived

10. Sat on top of a genuine dinosaur skull and got pissed. I thought it was fake at the time though

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