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An update of sorts.

Strange things are going on in my world of DFID. We had part of our mid year review the other week where my bosses boss had to ask me if I was content in the job I was in and if I thought about going anywhere else. That by itself sounds as if they were wanting rid of me but thats not the reason. The way our promotion/posting system works in my work everything is done in clusters throughout the year so that maybe every 3-4 months folk will move on and we’ll get new folk coming in. The problem is that as HR is going through so many changes just now noone wants to come here on my grade so although we’re losing 4 folk we’re only gaining 1 new person. Now theyre trying to shed jobs at the moment anyway thanks to the efficiency review from last year. The problem is that the we dont have enough people at my grade to cover all the jobs in the east kilbride office and we cant recruit direct to teh grade without the union kicking up shit and there arent enough folk capable of being promoted that want to be promoted from the lower grades. All this means we have to carry the vacancies. So all that waffle basically explains why my boss had to ask the questions before the mid year review…they need to know whos going to be here and whos intending on leaving so they can work out how they are going to staff the place.

In the past I’ve dealt with the caribbean, then europe and the middle east, then the caribbean again with latin america, then I was papped over to deal with part of asia and then that got lumped in with the caribbean and latin america again. Most of my experience though is with europe and the middle east and Drew thought id rather thave a different challenge and have a go at africa. Now that would be nice and probably a good learning opportunity but it comes with a slight problem…I’m slow on the uptake if im under pressure. He was quite surprised to hear I wouldnt mind going back to my old job if needed. In fact he seemed to have found a solution to his problem but this was months off and he was only just starting to plan it out.

Now some of you might have heard me talk about the guy I work with that lived downstairs from Rev. He ended up in hospital the other week and the rest of the section had been off the entirety of christmas and new year. And to make matters worse his colleage is part time, his boss is part time and her boss is part time. It all boils down to the fact that he was usually the only person there. And there was a huge backlog of work from the holiday season. So…the day after my mid year review meeting the team boss requested help and seeing as its the europe and middle east section they threw me at it. This has its good and bad points…

Its good because I get back into the habit of dealing with a busy section again and hopefully it will look good on my report again. The latter part is the main reason for doing this.

Its bad in that I have no idea how long this will be for and depending on when the baby is born it may need to be cut short as I’ve paternity leave to take, which they know about. That doesnt actually bother me but not knowing what job ill be coming back to does a little. Theres also the fact that I’ll spend half my time at work with noone else on the section so its hard to keep up the motivation to get the work done. This blog entry is a prime example of how easy it is to find somethign else to do when you’ve got a pile of work sitting there. The main one however is the prospect of visits to the overseas countries. Depending on when the baby was born there was a trip to Bangladesh that was supposed to be happening during the first quarter of 2006 and I’d sort of been pushed forward for it (purely because noone else wanted to go I think) but I’ve since passed the cut off date for if i was to go so thats out. There are plenty other trips being planned and the intent is for as many people to go on them as possible but if i’m still in this job (unless they intend to keep me here long term) I’ll be last in line for any trips and as the only real offices we have in europe and the middle east are London, Rome, Basra and Baghdad the chance of a trip is really limited. Where as if I get back onto my ‘old’ team sharpish then trips to china, or the caribbean are not out of the question. Its not the be all and end all of this job but trips are great fun, a great learning opportunity and when it comes down to applying for overseas posts are a good addition to your CV.

I fully intend to get an overseas post at some point in time…somehow…just a case of getting a few more good reports and a promotion and I’ll see where the job takes me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I may have done a power of work over the last 4 days but I’ve still got a huge pile left to do and its growing daily.

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