And I thought FRAG’s were something to do with FPS’s

It was just one of those days yesterday where very little would go right and if it did it wasn’t without its hurdles.

Turned up at work for some OT and the network in my office was down. Moved to another office and we couldnt print for ages because the spooler wouldnt recognise us. Then i got home…

For those not following my forum I bought a chip for my Xbox from someone in work but they kept forgetting to bring it in. Mark offered to bring over his star/torque? screwdrivers on teh night before he went to London but I said ‘Nah the guys not going to bring it in on friday” so told him not to bother. The thing duely turned up on my desk on friday lunchtime with the 12 noon mail delivery. I tried to get a loan of Stoo’s screwdriver set but we just kept missing each other so after work yesterday I went to Maplins to see if they sold the ones I needed. Their website didnt seem to have any but I thought I’d try the store anyway. And lo and behold I found a set for 5 quid that had the bits I needed.

Got home and stripped the case from the xbox and went about installing the chip. It’s supposed to take 10 mins but it took slightly longer than that…

For a start my screwdriver was slightly too wide to reach the screws holding the DVD drive in place so after 15 minutes of hunting yet again for my old set of screwdrivers that wouldnt have fitted I went with bending the case and shielding slightly to get the screwdriver into place. It all went back into shape so nothing seems to have broken thankfully.

Then I managed to put the solderless adaptor into place and stick the chip on top and nothing. It took me several reattempts and 30 mins on the manufacturers forum to find out that you had to have the switch attached or it wouldnt work at all.

So I attached the switch and still nothing. I took it apart and reinstalled it another 2 times before realising the click I needed to hear on the D0 wire wasn’t what I had been hearing/feeling. I then managed to bend the wire completelythe wrong way when I put to much force into it but it was still in one piece. Managed to get it in though and still it wouldnt bloody work!

I then spent a good hour on the forum trying to find out why the LED’s werent lighting up and it all came down to the adaptor not sitting correctly so I took it all apart yet again. This time I installed the ‘rivets’ for a better connection but still nothing so I went back and rechecked the instructions…
It was only then that I realised that I hadnt been placing the chip on the adaptor correctly after my first try. Finding this out gave me new hope but after reseating the chip the LED only came on briefly and FRAG’d on me.

It seems that not only had I not pushed the adaptor fully down which was making the connection wobbly at teh best of times but small slivers of metal from the new screw that held the adaptor in had got onto the tracks and were shorting the chip out. Thankfully it didnt fry anything on the actual xbox though. Five minutes of careful cleaning with cotton buds and nail polish remover and the motherboard and connections were as clean as I was probably going to get them.

And it worked! Two minutes later I had teh chips bios flashed and ready to go. Unfortunately I have no blank CD’s or CDRW’s to get a dashboard onto the xbox so that will need to wait a few days.

Over all…that took me three long bloody hours. If it wasn’t for the cup of tea half way through though I think the xbox would have been launched out of the living room window.

Now onto getting it set up as a media centre :)

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