And sometimesI wonder why folk look at me strangely…

Walking to work this morning I was listening to a new George Carlin gig on my MP3 player when I burst out laughing int he middle of the street. Now for most folk passing by me it must have came totally out of the blue as they probably wouldnt have seen my headphones.

I’ll paraphrase this but I had to write it down somewhere :)

He was going on about words he liked but were never used anymore and how he liked cop programs like Law and Order…
“I like CSI because thats one of those forensics shows. I’m just waiting for the chief medical guy to say to the head detective during an examination, “Steve, it looks like quite a straight forward death but if you roll the guy over you can see he’s been cornholed 6 or 7 times”

Considering how many CSI’s I’ve seen in the past few days I can just see the guy actually saying this and being completely serious about it :)

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