See when the person you love says “Can you smell smoke?”

Don’t dismiss it.

Lying on the couch after just getting Finn of to bed I stuck on the first episode of 24 season 1. Never watched them before but I’m quietly optimistic.

“Bob…can you smell smoke?”
“Nope…can just smell the solvents from the birthing ball”
“Bob I can smell fucking smoke. Come here!”
*runs to bathroom*
“Can you smell it?”
“nope…just the solventy smell from the ball”
“Its fucking smoke!”
“No it isn…oh I can smell it now”
Cue Vonnie launching from the bath to wake up Finn and myself opening the front door to check where it was coming from. The close was literally full of smoke and it felt like a sauna.

Phone the fire brigade and then done a bad thing. I was told to stay indoors and wait for the fire brigade to come. I went out to see what was going on and try and wake the neighbours. I barely made it to one door where theyd just got ready for bed when I could feel the heat building up and I tried the other door on the landing but he’s never in at the best of times.

Closed the door and waited for the all clear.

The fire brigade came and went and the smoke cleared. It was the rubbish outside someones door on the floor below us that went up.

Finn was terrified but I dont k now if it was the fire or the suddenly being woke up that got him the most. Vonnie was stressed out as hell and then just as we talked with the neighbours she started getting contractions…well its one way to bring the labour on early I suppose :)

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