I choose you…Scathe Zombies!

Spent the weekend with good intentions and feel sort of bad now.

My original plans were to reorganise the living room a bit in an attempt to give us more room. Finn helped me up until I got the DVD player plugged back in and then he spent the rest of the day watching movies rather than helping me like he said he would! :(

Managed to get the furniture moved but its still a mess so far. But its an improvement at least. Then I went over to Mark’s to see him and WIlbur after Vonnie giving me a lecture on my I should go seeing as I probably wont see much of them over the coming weeks unless they come over to the flat. Sat and played Super Monkey Ball with them for a while and then headed backover to the flat where I played SMB for most of the night as well :S

Yesterday I was supposed to be heading over to Marks for a quick game of Magic The Gathering. We came away drawing 1:1 but it was good to get back in the swing of things. Vonnie hadnt been well either so I called it a day earlier than planned and haded to the shops to get her a few things only to be told the money I was trying to use wasnt valid anymore. I’d found cash in the chair and not realised it was old 50p’s :(

Then spent the time Vonnie was in the bath setting p Magic Workstation and playing Mark at a few more games of MtG online. I’m now 3:1 up amd looking to get a wee league going :)

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