A trip down Blood Gulch

I keep getting to the stage where I say “The flat will do for now until I get my paternity leave. then I can really get it gutted and sorted”.

That was until I started tidying the flat on sunday and Vonnie said “put some of those boxes on the couch and I’ll go through them”. The flat is now covered in wee things and things that hide in the carpet and hurt your feet if your not wearing shoes. The table doesnt have any clear space either. On the plus side I think we managed to bin about 4-5 bin bags of stuff that we no longerneed or want. Thats not bad going for us!

Still no twinges from Vonnie’s womb. It’s really getting to Vonnie now and theres only so much I can do to try and help her through this. The line “Only a few more days now” must start a violent cascade in Vonnie’s hypothalamus. Fingers crossed anyway.

On saturday I went over to Mark’s house for an XLan.My xbox decided to take a dump and wouldnt work. After a quick play with a screwdriver I got the chip working again but the original bios wouldnt boot up so I couldnt get online to update my version of SC2 :(

It wasnt all bad though as I actually played a good game of Halo 2 for a change. Still hate the damn thing but I’m gettingused to dealing with it :(

Really enjoyed the multiplayer game of SC3 we had though. After we got our machines through the tutorial/test they make you do that is. Really want another game of that…so much so I was considering getting an xbox live account. Waste of money though as id get bored with it quickly no doubt.

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