Rainbow Six out.

And another day goes by with nothing appearing babywise and another day of not knowing what the hell im supposed to be doing workwise.

Got home after what was to be my last day full time on the Europe/Iraq desk to find a very knackered Vonnie. Despite saying she was going for a lie down we ended up sitting and watching CSI again. So far in the last month we’ve watched Season 2, Season 5, half of Season 6 and we just started on my season one DVD’s last night. I think I’ve got her hooked ;)

Played a bit of xbox last night as well. Rainbow Six : Raven Shiled I think its called. For a 1st person shooter on the xbox its actually not that bad. I can see me playing it all the way through which is more than can be said for the splintercell games. I just can’t play them..no patience. Playing Rainbow Six though has got me really in the mood for more Tom Clancy books. Not enough Rainbow Six ones out there though!

Tonight Vonnie’s taking Finn to meet Jen Pinkpunk for dinner so I’ll have the flat to myself for a few hours. Wash the dishes, hoover the living room and a general quick tidy should give me enough time fo sit down and let Ding shoot some folk on TV :)

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Or it would if the dishes hadn’t already been washed, the living room already been hoovered and a general tidy already been done ;)

    Damn, I am good!

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:


    My you are full of beans today! :)

  3. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Not in the slightest, I’m shattered! I’m just hoping that all this extra activity will bring this baby out ;)

  4. Clareybear [Visitor] says:

    Could you not wave a bottle of milk and a few rusks over ur tummy and try and tease him out?

  5. Vonnie [Member] says:

    I tried that with a bottle of irn bru, but that’s not working either :(

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