Update to end all updates!

It’s been a busy busy week so far.

On monday I spent all day trying my damnedest to get my work up to date so I could finish up as soon as Vonnie phoned with ‘the call’ without having to explain everything to my boss to pass on to the new girl on the section causing an even bigger backlog. Then down to Alan’s to pick up the furniture that we were getting from his flat. After help from Shug getting it upstairs I almost collapsed.

Tuesday I went to Di Maggio’s for lunch because Lynn was going back to South Africa. I’d just had my pizza put down in front of me when the manager turned up behind me saying “Are you Robert?” Vonnie had tracked me down only to scream down the phone “The flats on fire!” which got me slightly worried to start with. I thought it might have been the dust on the cable box burning again after I’d moved them the other week but it turned out it was the solventy smell coming from downstairs as they were decorating and possibly had paintstripper out. Basically done nothing else all day. Worked out that it might make sense for me to start my paternity leave on the thursday in case anything kicked off and if it didnt I’d be about to clear the flat.

Wednesday I went to work and told my boss when I was finishing up. Just as I was getting into the work I had to get done that day Vonnie phoned to say she had to go to the hospital to be put on a monitor and could I go in case anything was to happen. Ended up leaving work at 11.30am and Vonnie got her checkup at the same time meaning we didnt have to go back down on the thursday. Ended up dropping into Vonnie’s Nana’s after that then up the road. Went to the pub to catch up with the guys and was home for the back of 11pm which wasnt that bad.

Thursday we started gutting the livingroom. I think we’ve thrown out about half of the stuff we had sitting at the back of the livingroom! Didn’t finish it though and with Vonnie starting to get contractions again I couldnt go to see Shug’s band play in a Battle of the Bands at Ivory Blacks. Felt a bit bad about that as I said I’d go but at the end of the day I didnt want to be that far from Vonnie in case anything happened.

Today…still trying to get the living room finished off though now we have a huge space in the livingroom as ive moved the table to the back of the room. Also wrote my review for AN and updated this. Got to nip to Asda later as well sdo we’ll see what state I’m in come 8pm tonight :)

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    I didn’t quite scream, “The flat’s on fire” dear, I think I merely expressed in a slightly panicked tone that I could smell burning from within the flat somewhere.


  2. RSG [Visitor] says:

    The theatrical version of that story is more entertaining, even if the director’s cut is closer to reality :p

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