And he’s arrived!

This is going to be a long one. If your going to sit and read this I’d advise a cup of tea and a biscuit ready beforehand :)

So Saturday came and nothing had happened more than a few practise contractions over the last week. He just wasn’t for coming out to meet everyone. We were planning on heading into town to go to Lava with Finn before dropping him of at Alan’s parents and then getting Vonnie checked into the hosptial. Unfortunately we struggled to get to Glasgow on time so ended up just dropping Finn off then bolting to the Southern General.

Once we got Vonnie checked in we then found out exactly how long they’d expect her to be there for. Even if the drugs they gave her that day worked well enough they wouldnt break her waters until Sunday morning at the earliest and more likely sunday afternoon. Jen came up for a bit during the evening visiting and at 8pm we were both chucked out and JEn gave me a lift up the road.

Leaving Vonnie in there meant I couldn’t sleep, I was fretting and the bed was too cold. Ended up not getting to sleep until 2am and was up by 5.30am pacing the flat. Left there about 7.30 and got the bus into town (after missing about 4-5 buses because I was walking between bustops when the timetable said there wasnt supposed to be any due!)and got th first underground train round to Govan. I’d checked the maps twice and had a rough idea where I was supposed to go but when I got out the station I ended up having to use the sun to tell me which direction west :S The place was dead and the only person I could find at that time on a sunday morning to ask directions didnt speak a word of english! Eventually found the ward though.

We were due to go down to the labour ward at about 2pm for Vonnie to get her waters broke but I think it was nearer 3.30 before they actually did that. Vonnie being Vonnie with her fear of needles though either didnt pickup the fact she’d need a drip during the induction or none of the midwifes explained it at all (the more I think about it the more I knew it was the later) so she really wasnt keen on it all but after a wee while she talked herself into it and she was away. After she had her waters broke we stuck Vonnie in a bath for a while and the contractions started. Once they got to the point of being painful though we then got her back through into her room and got the gas and air onthe go just in time to get the drug that really brings on the contractions pumped into her system. The midwife came up with the brilliant idea of giving her the epidural before the inducing drug rather than have to wait 30-45 mins for someone that was free to do it once she was really really in pain. By this point she was struggling on the gas and air and it was really the only viable option.

So the epidural kicked in and the the inducing drug was given and everything started to kick off nicely. I think it was round about then that we noticed it as the back of 8! The section stage of labour started and Vonnie started struggling again but was getting by on the gas and air as well at that point. I ended up having to hold the baby heart monitor thingie onto Vonnie’s belly because the position she was in and the head was so low it kept falling off or losing the heartbeat.

Then at about 9.30 the midwife let Vonnie push and in about 3 pushes Nairn was born at 9.42 I think. Though everywhere I look it seems to vary between 9.40 and 9.50 :S

The midwife when we first met her didn’t seem to be one we’d get along with. What we didnt realise at that point was just how busy the labour ward was at that point. By the end of the night I don’t think we could have got a better midwife. She got Vonnie through hell with a smile :)

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  1. Barry Aka connor obain [Visitor] says:

    Congrats dude

    jeez if you got the underground to govan you went right passed my flat on the way to the hospital

  2. Ruth [Visitor] says:

    congrats on becoming a daddy bob :)
    and yay for vonnie to :)
    saw the pics the baby is lovely

  3. Sarah (breaklikeagirl) [Visitor] says:

    I love birth stories…Vonnie sounded like she did really well.

    Congratulations on becoming a daddy!

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