Let it snow let it snow let it snow

Fuck me that was a good night.

The original idea was tro get a few mates and head to the pub for a few drinks and have a good laugh and be home buy 12.

We ended up in crystals and despite Shugs original comparisons for Crystals to the Steamie I’m glad to say he was wrong. He was u[ dancing to alsorts though :?

A big thanks to all the guys that made it out tonight (even my brother who ended up in crystals as well as us) for a great night and a huge thanks to Jen for managing to drive me home in that snow!

I love my family

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  1. RSG [Visitor] says:

    Gutted. Not been to ‘owt like that for ages. Either too busy, too ill, or simply didn’t realise t’was happening!

    Or all three.
    ( Two out of three, here… With a side order of “Airsofting in the morning”.

    Glad it went well, though!

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