It’s not a promise but its the best I can give…

Honest…I will update my blog properly at some point :)
Now that im back in work I have to take time out every so often so that my brain doesnt numb up entirely so I’ll go back and catch up later in the week.

In phone news I’ve went back to using my old Nokia that you could blow up and leave in the pissing rain for a year and it would still work. Same number but hopefully it will be more reliable than the phone I nicked from Vonnie. I also managed to forget my phone this morning so I can’t even get a hold of Vonnie to find out if she’s home or not (I lost my keys in the flat the other day and so unless she’s home I’m locked out :(). And with the house phone rejecting withheld numbers I can’t even phone that from my office phone.

Ach well.

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    Is that a “please phone me Vonnie” hint? ;)

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