One day I’ll show you little people!

Every day goes by and Nairn becomes more of a little person rather than a baby. The expressions he comes away with and the noises he makes have you constantly wondering if the scientists have got it wrong and they are actually capable of such things. The creators of Family Guy got it spot on with Stewie…theyre plotting something!

He’s piled on the weight despite our initial fears that he was bringing everything he was drinking back up and seems to be a very healthy ‘wee’ baby indeed.

He really does need to get into teh hang of sleeping at night as soundly as he does during the day though. We tried to put him down last night when we went to bed and he was wide awake. I ended up getting back up and it was about 1am before I got him asleep enough to try and get him back in his crib… and the wee bugger woke back up as soon as I put him down. He then proceeded to keep Vonnie awake all night so she’ll be dead on her feet when she gets home from edinburgh tonight.

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