It’s only a game so put up a real good fight!

I like playing computer games. In fact I’d go as far as saying I love playing them but where I used to play shedloads of them I now either dont have the time or the games/PC to play them.

I have an Xbox which I originally bought as an media centre and I’ve got my money’s worth out of it so far as just that but I have a fair few games that I like to play on it but between Finn watching TV and looking after Nairn I dont get 2 hands free long enough to play anything. The most recent games being Ghost Recon 2 and Black, both of which are damn fine shooters in there own way but both take a good while to get through levels. Hell it can take 90 minutes to get through the 2nd level in Black! I just dont have that time.

I do have time on my PC though but I dont have HD space. I nuked most of my games to make way for CSI (a good trade I thought) but it’s left me with only Counterstrike worth playing.

Now comes the sad part. I’ve started ‘playing’ Second Life. It’s actually not that bad for what is a glorified MSN Messenger prog. The only problem is that although you can bump the textures down to an acceptable level there is that much going on at times that it can easily eat up 200Mb of memory which seriously slows my PC down. Need to see what else this can do though as although the idea of making real cash off this game appeals the exchange rate between in game money and US$ is falling fast and unless something is done soon the economy (and those that make a living selling stuff in SL) is going to go down the pan. Plans for tonight depending on where Finn stays and how tired Vonnie and Nairn are include trying to find a skydiving instructor in game and trying out my new buggy and spaceship :).

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