Today started weird and its not got much saner.

I woke up with my alarm to find Nairn crying at 7am in an attempt to let Vonnie sleep on a bit I took him next door with me but he seemed fine and didnt want the bottle. Instead he seemed quite happy to sit on my knee. It wasnt until he’d been up for an hour that he started to get hungry…which just doesnt happen.

Walking to work I was wandering down Lickprivick road when A car beeped its horn at me as I read a book. I turned round to see this dark skinned gangsta wannabe with a headscark driving a scaffy silver motor giving me the finger. Why do folk do that? did he mistake me for someone else? Was he really that bored? Was he really that much of an idiot? Was I about to get jumped as he handbrake turned his car to jump out and beat me up? Or was it just a case of it was someone I knew trying to be funny and I just couldnt focus on his face?

Everyone has buggered off early today on half days, compassionate leave or sick leave and theres only about 5 of us left. And now the weirdos start phoning the office annoying the hell out of us.

I was also convinced that toay was thursday when in actual fact, as anyone that has more than 3 braincells should know, its friday. I still feel as though its thursday though!

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