Sunday Bloody Sunday

We were supposed to lift the old couches down to the drying green in the morning but we couldnt be arsed. Vonnie had to go help Steve move a desk which turned into a desk and a shelving unit, and something else, oh and this and that and before long a 10 minute job turned into 2 hours. I could see a pattern starting to form…

Vonnie then headed down to take the van back and pick up the car while I took Nairn down to my parents to get the present that my brother left there for me. This was fine except the pram was in the car in Shawlands and I couldnt get the carry thingie on because id hurt my arms lifting the couches the night before so I had to carry him in my arms the entire a few funny looks from passers by.

Then Vonnie got stuck in the football traffic at hampden for something like 2 hours and because the phones get knocked out when that many folk try to use the same nodes she couldnt get through to me on my mobile to tell me this.

By the time we eventually got home Vonnie ust wanted to collapse in the bath so she did and I rearranged the couches into something a little less space consuming and played Guild Wars a little before settling down to watch the Scrubs DVD’s my brothe had gave me :)

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  1. RSG [Visitor] says:

    T’was much appreciated – The main problem was that I THOUGHT the desk dismantled purely through unscrewing of those wee grubby things that hold onto wee screwy things – Then discovered that the TOP was actually held on with Allen keys. So took me a bit longer to dismantle than planned. ( My Mum also turned up quite late to pick Morgan up, which didn;t help. )

    Sorry if I took up more of her time than planned!
    I owe ya one…

  2. scott [Visitor] says:

    Glad you liked the present!

    see the effort i went to going to buying it and phoning mum and dad to come round to pick it up!

    I’m such a great brother! :-D

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