The following happened between 9:00 and 23:59 on Friday 31st March

Woke up to head into work early to get the day over with. Couldnt find the cards from my parents so left them until I got home.

Had a shite day at work though made the mistake of telling Lesley it was my birthday and so by lunchtime I had a birthday card sitting on my keyboard when I came back from the walk I took in an effort to wake myself up.

Gave up just before 4 to go home and relax and have a quite night in. Couldnt think of anything I wanted more than an early night after being up all night with Finn.

Got home and took Nairn from Vonnie to give her a rest. Sat down on my PC and had a quick look at my regular sites then VOnnie had a go at me. She was very stressed and I had no real idea why. Eventually got it out of her that Mark and Clare were coming over to drop in a present and she was fedup with folk coming over to see our livingroom as a tip. So I cleared the living room for her and tidied a bit of the bathroom while she washed the dishes and stuff. Eventually she cracked again at my slowness and explained that a few folk were coming over for a couple of drinks later on which gave me a kick in the arse. We eventually got the place tidied and managed a shower each just before folk arrived.

Surprisingly I had a great night, might have been to do with the vodka jelly mind you, and thanks to everyone for coming along. Not seen a few of you guys in along while. And thanks to Vonnie and Clare for organising it.

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