Hello Mr Bed I wish I knew you better

Last night was possibly the worst night so far for lack of sleep. Nairns been louder other nights when hes woken up but lastnight he just wouldnt sleep. That combined with the fact I can’t sleep when he’s making noises just made for a frustrating night.

Despite aiming to be in bed for 11 by the time I changed Nairn and sterilised some bottles for the night it was going on midnight and he actually went down quite easily but he hadnt had a feed since the back of 10pm. took a wee while for me to get off to sleep though.

The clock struck 1am and he started to grumble so I picked him up after realising it was food he was after seeing as he didnt want his dummy. I put him own on his changing mat on the living room floor which usually calms him down for a couple of seconds while I went to make the bottle up. I heard a small thump from the livingroom and Nairn started crying so I ran through expecting to see him sittn up throwing stuff at the cat. Now either we have ghosts, someones playing a trick on me or he’s a strong we bugger. When I got into the living room he was lying at right angles to how I left him on teh floor. Quite a feat considering the mat has sponge sides to stop him doing that and he cant crawl…

Anyway I got him off to sleep after 30 mins of feeding where he barely took an ounce of milk. Then about 30 seconds after I put him back in his crib and I crawled into bed almost crippling Vonnie in the process (she’d rolled into the middle of the bed and I didnt see her) he started scraming again. More patting of his back and maybe another half ounce over 30 mins and I thought he’d went to sleep again. Then he just bawled his lungs out.

Dragged him through to the livingroom and gave him the rest of the bottle whilst watching an episode of Mark Thomas’ MTCP to keep me awake and then had him on my knee to keep him quite whilst playing Guild Wars for a wee bit to make some cash.

Then it happened…4.30am and he finally dozed off while sitting on my knee. ave him an extra 20 mins to make sure he was asleep then put him in his crib succesfully then almost crippled vonnie again except this time it was her leg on my side of the bed. Vonnie had a worse night than me but she tossed and turned all night which is far worse than staring at the tv for hours :(

Seemingly Nairn woke up at about 6am or something like that and bawled the house down so much so that Vonnie wasnt impressed that i didnt wake up at all. Then it was all rush rush this morning in order to get to work on time… :S

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