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So…the past couple of days…
Got home on sunday night to a house that was wrecked. for the last 5 months we’ve been living in a state of constant unpacking and decided enough was enough. We also decided that Finn’s room was too small for both the boys once Nairn moves in after he starts sleeping through the night.

So…we’re going back to the way we were originally going to deal with it. We’re swapping the bedrooms about. This wouldnt be that big a problem if it wasnt for the fact that Finn had so much stuff in his room and we didnt have a super-kingsize bed. So anyway before I left on Saturday I’d demolished Finn’s bed and started organising the stuff for the move and on sunday night when we were due to finish it off neither of us had the energy. So it was left until Monday for us to rip down our bed, move it out of the room, put up Finn’s bed and move his stuff into the living room and then set up our bed in what was Finn’s room. I think we managed to get the beds made up for about 10pm and since then we’ve been in pain.

Managed to get an uplift organised though so the couches are finally gone and the old TV unit, coffee table and a few bits and pieces are all gone now. Give us a bit more room in the living room and I can move the computers up to the back of the room and the chair into where the computer table was. Should hopefully free up alot more space :)

Got next week off hopefully to finish it all :)

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  1. RSG [Visitor] says:

    Gimme a shout if you need a hand, man… I’ll see what I can do.

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