And the updates start….

So where were we. This always happens when I spend any extended time away from work…no updates.

I’ve had the last week off on leave from work with the intent of sorting out the bedrooms completely and then working on the rest of the flat. We managed to get the bedrooms swapped round over the first weekend but then we sort of hit a wall. We didnt want to start putting all the toys and stuff back into Finn’s room until we’d decorated as it just didnt make sense to double up our work by moving it back out again a few weeks later. So…we’ve sat with all his stuff in the living room with the intent of buying paint on the friday and me painting it on the saturday. We didnt go buy paint until yesterday though and even then we decided just to stick with blue as is and just touch up the paint and fix the cupboard doorframe (we took the door right off early in the week to give Finn easier access to his toys once they go back in) so that you couldnt tell there was a door ever there. This basically meant that we could have been moving at least some of his stuff back into the room earlier in the week freeing up the living room again. Anyway..the paints bought now, we just need to find time to get it done now.

On thursday we were supposed to go to ASDA via Makro. We ended up going for a wander around Makro, where I showed great restraint in only buying 600 foam shrimps and 300 foam bananas, then over to IKEA for dinner. Oh how I love their meatballs and thier reindeerberry (whatever the hell it is) sauce is great with chips! By the time we got out of there it was to late for ASDA so we stopped by the forum football teams 7′s game and chatted for a while and caught up with a load of folk we hadnt seen in ages.

We were supposed to be having Scott round for dinner on Friday night he had to bail early to get to a party but he popped round anyway for a few hours. Seemed to be coming to terms with holding Nairn a little better though ;)

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