What more can you want…BBQ, Beer, Burgers and Wargaming in the sun

I dont know how we managed it but Mark, WIllie and myself managed to get a game of Warhammer 40k organised for saturday afternoon. In fact the weather was that good that we stuck the board up in the back garden and ran the game out there.

With it being such a nice day though we had to do the obligatory BBQ and beer so we got a disposable bbq and a few burgers and all claims of food poisoning should go to directly to my lawyer.

I’d managed to bring along enough Tau to almost have a 500pt army for the first time ever. Well I say almost…I had to substitute 50% of my army using Marks Necrons but hopefully next time I’ll have enough actual models to do it myself. Illie had brought along his usual unbeaten orcs and Mark was fielding an untried and untested genestealer brood army. Surely Willie would continue his unbeaten streak.

I dont know if it was the terrain or a tactical error on Mark’s point by not pushing for Infiltration rules to be used but with a huge clump of foliage in the middle of the board he decided to go around. Now Willie’s orcs and mean little gits so Mark chose to close as fast as he could with my rather weedy Tau. I don’t think anyone quite imagined how good Tau are with ranged weapons though. Within the first round Mark had lost a 3rd of his rank and file from my missle launchers alone. In order to tease the game out though I then opened up on Willie instead which rather than hold him off seen him split his troops and head for both his attackers. Thankfully Mark got a little shock and headed straight for the green guys rather than mine and they both demolished each other. I eventually came out on top after unloading barrage after barrage of missles onto the orc leader.

It was a very eventful game but I think I was basically hemmed in the entire game and couldnt get the full ability of my troops into play. They basically ended up as cannon fodder to save the guys in the crisis suits.

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  1. RSG [Visitor] says:

    I wanna play 40k again. Been cold turkey for YEEEARS.

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    well get yourself 500pts army and join in

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