“Do you not take a look around you?”

They say things are put there to test us. Well my life is seriously testing just now.

Nairn likes to act all nicey nicey for everyone else but he has his own ways of messing with Vonnie and myself. In Vonnie’s case Nairn sems to cry nonstop whenever I’m not there and any attempts to put him down long enough for him to cry himself out (after we’ve made sure he’s fed, winded and changed) fail because Vonnie’s that stressed out by it if he’s crying she has to be doing something to stop it. This means shes constantly caring for him whilst Finn gets left to his own devices half the time. That combined with a load of other things has just piled on the pressure on Vonnie. The slightest thing sends her over the edge.

In my case he’s at the stage where if he wants to sleep at night he will. In fact its only in the last week that he’s been going down within 30-45 mins of being fed during the night but its his timings of needing fed that are killing me. He used to go down at midnight and wake up around 3-4ish and be up for a couple of hours. That I cuold handle as by the time he went down I’d went from wide awake to sleepy again and could get off for that last hour or so quite easily. These days I either go back to bed still wide awake and stare at the ceiling for several hours or he wakes up at 5am and wont go back down after that. That wouldnt be so bad but im still waking up around 3ish expecting him to be awake so I’m lucky if I’m getting 4 hours sleep a night. Its even at the stage where its effecting my work. My boss is constantly pulling me up for forgetting things or making stupid errors in payments or contracts.

By the time I get home after work neither of us get to sit down and relax until at least 9pm. In fact last night Vonnie was still going at the back of 10.

We’re both knackered. We’re both narky and we’re both doing things that piss each other off when it wouldnt be so bad if we werent so god damn tired.

I just wish I could sort it today…this instant.
I really dont know how long this will go on for before I end up forgetting something and it being the last mistake I make.

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    I’m sorry for snapping at you this morning, I was angry because I was hurt.

    Quiet weekend? Just the four of us with no excursions?

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    Sounds like a plan :)

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