Happy Birthday to ya!

So…onto Sunday.

This was always going to be a busy day. We had to be at Kirtsy and Mo’s in Paisley for Dev’s birthday party by 1pm and we had to be back in East Kilbride by about 4pm if we were to have any chance of making the Alt Nation birthday party on time.

After alot of stressing we finally made it to Dev’s party, very nice place you’ve got there guys and very easy to get to once you know where it is, and Vonnie fell in love with the pizza. Dev seemed to like his ‘indian’ costume which was good and we rushed off to Asda to meet up with Alan so Finn could go back to his.

Bolted home for 4pm surprisingly and then Vonnie couldnt find her makeup which ended up with the living room getting turned upside down. Eventually made it there for the back of 6 and we both proceeded to get very drunk very quickly. Good night was had by all I think and when it came time to get chucked out we decided food would be a good idea to sober us up a bit and fill our stomachs up for the rest of the night. I really had to go though so bolted for clydeside to find somewhere out of the way to pee and in doing so managed to fall flat on my face in front of the queue to the Subclub. Ripped my knee to shreds as well as my trousers. Chips and cheese wasnt quite enough so we went into McD’s for some more then realised there was no way we could stay out and got a taxi home.

Pics of the night can be found here

Woke up the next morning to find the bed covered in blood from my knee though :(

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