“Go for it wee man!”

I have no idea what I did on friday night. I think it may have been spent watching Navy CIS but I could be wrong.

Saturday morning was supposed to go as follows:
Wake up at 7am (hahaha who you kidding…I’ve not needed an alarm clock since the beginning of March!”
Have the kids ready to go and in the car for 9.30
Look after the kids with Mo while Vonnie goes to Weight Watchers with Kirsty then look after Nairn when they go swimming.

What actually happened was the following:
Wake up at 5am with Nairn and not get him settled until just before 7am.
Get Vonnie up and out the door for 9.30 (they were giving the swimming a miss so I didnt need to go)
Vonnie got blocked in her parking space by an idiot neighbour for 10 minutes.
Vonnie turns back at Busby when she realises she’ll never make it to Paisley for 10:15.
Gets home and decideds to organise a meet up in Kelvingrove park to play softball.
Rush about after kids and make lunch then bomb it into glasgow.

We actually had a great day in the park, in the end about 20 folk turned up and we decided not use the baseballs but instead use the football that someone had brought. Amazingly you could still hit home runs with it!

Vonnie took Finn and Dev up onto the fountain only for them to run away from her anytime she tried to get them down. then about 2 seconds later some wee guy decided to climb to the top which brought many shouts of encouragement from the group.

A few photos can be found in Vicki’s gallery here.

Sunday was a non-event though with me settling down to watch a few episodes of Navy CIS, House and War of the Worlds I think. Should really have been finishing off the kitchen though but its coming along…

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