Its been a long time coming…Airsoft at Drymen!

Once again Steve had his birthday game at Drymen which is always a good site to play on (unless its raining).

I’d been trying to get as many guys going as possible but with Willie’s uni work, Stoo’s lack of cash and Dave probably travelling back from Japan at the time it ended up with just myself and Mark going through for the day.

There was loads of folk and with the teams split 50/50 with experienced and new folk we were thrown into the first game. The red team were sent into the hills and we had to go in and wipe them out. The first problem came when the only cover we could get to in the middle and on the left was a pile of tires as the red team were sitting right behind everything else.This meant we had to run around to the right flank. This caused us a problem because the red team could get to the hill long before we made it around the back of the ponds and even thought about making our way up the hill. We got wasted but it was a good laugh once some wee guy made it all the way over from the far flank to heal us all and we got stuck in again.

After that Mo had the bright idea of handicapping the red team by putting all teh new guys on the blue team. This was meant to give us a bit of a challange but also to give the new folk a bit more backup as theyd have the advantage of numbers. It seemed to work out quite well. The first game after lunchtime had us defending the bunkers at the bottom of the site with the ‘huge’ blue team trying to overrun them and take our ammo tins. They decided to forget about the nearest base and head right around the back of the site to take out our rear base (which we were defending with only 2 folk). Lee and a couple of other folk had sat on top of the other hill and seemed to be able to take out or hold off almost the entire blue team for a good while. At one point we actually had to wait for them all to heal back up as taking that hill had cost them badly. They started sneaking around the back of the hill just before that point which meant me and Craig leaving mark in his sniper hole and trying to give the other base some backup. I ended up on the ridge just as the far bunker was overrun but we managed to retrieve one of the tins but couldnt get it back into the base :(

The reversal was a bit of a muckup…it was supposed to be 2 tins per base so we literally stormed the hill bunker in a matter of minutes. Teamwork was amazing! We then found out that there was only one tin there and the blue team wasnt about to tell us this untl we started shouting at them. They’d also only put about 6-7 folk up there to defend it…everyone else was at the far bunker defending the 3 tins. We sat for a good few minutes double checking before having the shouting match to find out if there was actually another there. It was about then that the conspiracy theories started up..”They did that on purpose!” We then lost our momentum and got bogged down trying to attack the rear base. There was alot of good teamwork again going on especially when it came to covering fire and getting medics in.

Then it was time for Lee to carry out his dare…play a game in only a tac-vest and a thong. I had to use bleach to burn out my retinas after that :S

By the time we got home I was knackered. Once I got onto the couch and ate my dinner my body physically couldnt move and was in bed way before Vonnie decided to turn in.

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  1. RSG [Visitor] says:

    He never even wore the vest.

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