See before when I said I was physically knackered in the week or so after Nairns birth? I think I’ve surpassed that this weekend somehow.

Nairn got his first jags on thursday and ever since then just hasn’t settled. Think he was running a fever from it as well but we didnt have any Calpol. Managed to get some last night though and he seems to have calmed down.

But anyway, Nairn not settling, Dev staying overnight on Thursday, airsoft on Saturday and general things to do I’ve barely got a good rest. I’m waking up feeling worse than when I went to bed at times!

Thats Nairn 10 weeks old and my god has time flown. Remeber whne I’ve said “he’s big, thats him moving into his 3-6 month clothes already?” well thats him just about to start moving into some of his 6-12 month clothing! A baby isnt supposed to double its weight until about 6 months apparently…on thursday he was 16lb4. Thats about 2lb’s off doubleing his weight…and its not as if hes a fat baby or anything…he’s just huge!

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