Aha…you all thought I’d forgotten about htis place hadnt you?
Well your wrong. I’ve just been worked off my arse for the last week!

I think last year was the first Eurovision that I’ve missed in many a year so this year I had to watch it. Its like a car crash and you just can’t help but be a goul and look at it. You know its going to be horrendous but its always terrible in a funny way and Terry Wogan’s patter as more drink goeas into his system is always unmissible.

Went through to Kirsty and Mo’s in Paisley to watch it. I knew Lordi would be the one to watch but I never thought they’d come even close to winning but the one to watch we’re Lithuania. I’m still singing that damn song today! :)

We’ve just started getting the flat the way we wanted it and a house comes up for sale within out price range. Lots of work needs done to it but the sellers are looking for more than the 10-15% over the asking price that most places go for. At that price its way way way to much but hopefully they’ll see sense when they realise that we’re the only ones interested in it thanks to the the amount of work needing done to the place. This has meant that we may have to sell the flat way ahead of schedule (I’d hoped to last another couple of years there if we could get away with it) so we’ve spent the weekend going crazy and ripping the flat to shreds to get it in order. The livingroom is covered in stuff as Vonnies been going through everything in an attempt to either box it up in the right order or bin what we dont need. Meanwhile I cleaned the kitchen and decorated our bedroom. I’d forgotten how bloody awkward using coloured paint as the main paint on a wall is. Combine that with the paint already on teh wall having a silk finish and you get me putting on 3-4 coats of paint just to the it looking even. I’ve not even had the time to gloss the doors or skirting!

The Wedding
Clare picked up the kilts on wednesday night but never made it home for us to pick them up to try them on as it was all hands on deck apparently to get the favours sorted for friday. Mark dropped it off on thursday morning but I didnt get to try it until thursday night. Panicked a bit when I found out there was no belt but then realised you dont wear a belt if your wearing a waistcoat. The kilt itself was a bit to big. Either they’d gave me the wrong kilt or I’d lost weight…not sure which to be honest. This meant that whilst it stayed up I’d have to be careful as it was to late to take it back to get it fixed/changed. Kept having to hoyk it back up every to minutes when I was standing though :(

After a few arguements with Vonnie over map reading we made it to the venue on time and Stoo and Dave managed to finish getting ready in the back of the car. The ceremony was cool and I’ve got the feeling I left my order of service thingie with the leftover pile :(

The meal was great although I ended up eating haggis which made Vonnie laugh as I hate the stuff. I didnt know there was fruit instead so as a matter of principle I hate the haggis instead! Everyone looked great although I didnt get teh chance to dance with Vonnie. I’d just got back from the first dance when she wanted to go up for the next one and I couldnt do it thanks to a combination of sore feet, lose kilt and embaressment from dancing. By the time that was overcome there wasnt anymore songs she wanted to dance to :(

Headed home at the back of ten so that we could relieve teh babysitters as soon as possible. Jen and Steph had took turns looking after the kids so we were very grateful for that :) Went past Lyndseys flat on the way home and as she was heading off to Canada we dropped in for 5 mins to say hello then we’re back on the road.

Good night was had by all I hope :)

Getting the kilt back was another ordeal all together though. Vonnie was out from early on on the other side of glasgow and I had to get the painting done before I could go anywhere as it needed to be ready for monday morning. I couldnt find anyone that was heading out that way to drop my kilt off so I eventually managed to get Vonnie back to EK after a whole load of wrangling so she could actually get home and we headed off to find Cameron Kilts and drop the kilt off. At 3.25pm we gave up looking for them and I phoned the office only to find they’d hsut at 3pm and the guy was just setting the alarm to head home. It seems the address on the website doesnt match up with where they actually are. The website says they are on oneside of the dual carrigeway when in actual fact they are on the other side at the far end of the estate! Grrrrrr!

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    We weren’t arguing, we were debating in a heated fashion ;)

    I love you, but I’m starting to hate this flat…

  2. Bobzilla [Member] says:

    Make up your mind..you loved it last night? :p

  3. Vonnie [Member] says:

    I’m hating the mess :p

  4. As mentioned on the way to the wedding I do still read your blog and heres the comment to prove it! Good luck with the house! :)

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