Busy busy busy

So thursday came and went with the guy from Countrywide coming out to discuss selling the flat. He’s optimistic of us getting enough to be able to afford the house so thats good news. The flat was still chockablock though so we agreed that we’d have a week to get it sorted with him coming back on the tuesday to take photos for the schedule.

Cant remember much about friday so we’ll move onto Saturday.

Done some work on the flat on saturday morning I think and on Saturday night we went over to Kirsty and Mo’s for dinner again. We really need to get them over to ours at some point to return the favour.

Mo seems to like to cook and after his tortilla wraps last time he seemed to go all out to impress :p
Starters included smoked salmon with cheese, pastrami, cheese and big chunky bread. Main course was chicken breast smothered in honey and basil(?) on a bed of green stuff with asparagus spears wrapped in ham. Over all very tasty indeed and was finished up by Vonnie’s chocolate fudge cake.

Sunday was a day of rest after all the hassle of the previous week although I knew we still had loads more to do. Monday I came down either with a cold or my suspected hayfever.

Tuesday we knew the guy from countrywide was coming to take the photos but Nairn was acting up so Vonnie couldnt get it all done in time. So it was all hands on deck with my mum and myself taking half days and Jen coming over to help. The guy turned up early so we were nowhere near finished and hes having to come back but we were also told that we were getting viewers that night as well. Two bloody days early. We’d planned ongetting the living room and kitchen cleared for the photos but with viewers it meant the whole flat had to be done. They were due at 6.30pm and by 6.20pm we only had the hall to sweep really and the rubbish to take downstairs. As I left the front door at 6.20pm to take the rubbish to the bins I heard the entry buzzer going and passed 2 folk on the way up the stairs. Turns out they were early so cue Vonnie explaining the mess in the hall. They seemed very pleasant but it turns out they thought there was too much work needing done for them to consider it which is fair enough. If your looking for a flat to walk right into with no work its not for you. But only a few things need doing and even then they arent that expensive to do…just takes a bit of time and mess. We cant do them though as its all down to personal tastes :S

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