The one overriding theme of the last week has been sniffles.

Since Monday I was convinced I was getting hit with hayfever again but by wednesday it had turned into a bugger of a head cold. Was still going to work though. I’d booked Thursday off so that I could take Nairn to get his second lot of jags so that was the rest I thought I’d need. When the health visitor asked if Nairn had been anywhere near anyone infectious I jokingly said just me with a cold. Wasnt expecting Nairn to catch it though :S Also bumped into Ross’s Pauline and thier kid as she was taking her to get the MMR. Not seen either of them in years!

Woke up on friday morning and I wasnt for going anywhere. I felt like I’d swollowed my pillow and it was residing behind my eyes and apparently you could hear me cough from the street below. I felt like shit until late on saturday night. I think it was the stress from Vonnie arranging Finn’s party and the thought of all those kids running around that made me feel a little better.

The party was a success with a load of mates turning up as well. Just wish I’d got to mingle a bit more but I stuck myself in the kitchen for most of the day as the kids were making me claustrophobic and alot of work was needing done in there anyway. The kids loved the bouncey castle but the adults were a bit disappointed not to get a go on it :)

By sunday night I was dead and witht he party over my head just blocked up again. It wasnt until yesterday morning that I managed to find some decongestants so I spent yesterday with my head streaming with gunk as it found its way out. Woke up this morning feeling alot better and clearer but I’m still almost choking when I start a coughing fit. Today I’m off again then back to work tomorrow wether I like it or not :(

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