Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency

So its been a stressful week. So far we’ve had 2 viewers and 2 folk cancel viewings. So much so we stuck the flat up as a fixed price to see if that was what was detering folk from coming along. We’ve got one semi interested viewer and thats it. And times running out. And I swear if I’ve not gone grey by the end of this I won’t be far off it.

And so onto fathers day. I hate organised days like this almost as much as I find christmas and birthdays a little depressing. I wont go into any rants about it all but needless to say the ‘hallmark’ holidays get on my goat alot more than those two occasions. So it was a pleasant day spent with my family until we went to paisley where I was stabbed.

A friend of ours was starting out as a trainee piercer/tattooist in his mates new studio that opened up in Paisley this week. We went down to get stuck to help them run through things so I got my nipple repierced. I’m convinced the owner/tattooist is the guy that done my tattoo but its all a bit confused as to the truth but his tattoo on his right arm is way to familier…

We also got some new additions to the household over the weekend. A friend of a friend had a whole bunch of kittens to rehome so Vonnie claimed one for Finn’s birthday and decided to get one for her friend as well who had expressed an interest but wasnt about to find out for sure. Aparently he then found out his flatmate was allergic so we kept both of them. We had Tuna and now we’ve got Kipper and Sausage as well. I’ll get a photo up of them soonish.

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  1. Pic = Owch! So why are all your cats named after foods? Looking forward to seeing them :)

  2. Vonnie [Member] says:

    We got Tuna from our friend Lizzie, and she was already named (and answers to her name) so she stayed Tuna. Findlay decided to call the new kitten The Flying Kipper, and I thought Sausage fitted the other kitten cos he’s a wee fatty ;)

  3. RSG [Visitor] says:


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