Between work and anfter work activities I dont think I’ve stopped since my last entry. Which explains the lack of previous entries for those that have bothered to notice that there havent been any :P

It’s been mostly a blur what with stress levels running so high, work being so busy and Nairn starting to teeth. Is that how you spell that…teeth. Teeth, Teething, Teeth? I dunno..and who cares.

So yeah the big news is that we’ve sold the flat. Despite the young couple being interested they were just slow off the mark. We had another viewer on saturday that turned out to be the viewers sons and their wifes. Theyd come up to East Kilbride from Somerset to see friends and ended up getting wrestled into viewing flats for their parents to buy in order to let out. They seemed impressed but we never heard anything from them but they had a fair few viewings to get through and my understanding was they wouldnt be looking to put in an offer anywhere until about thursday. Then a guy came out on monday night. Seemed OK about the flat but I wouldnt say overly impressed. Friendly bloke though. By tuesday morning he’d put a bid in before the survey had even been done :S

It does mean though that we should be able to meet the 11 August deadline we had for the house we’ve bought though. So folks…I know its a friday but after moving into the flat twice effectively I know how much work goes into getting the stuff in there so any help getting it back out would be appreciated. :)

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  1. Its ‘Teethe’ I think.

    Well done on the flat, we should be able to help out with the move, we’d probably be best unloading at the new house though seen as we are just down the road from it.

  2. William [Visitor] says:

    I’ll be able to help in the evening, if I’m not working I can help during the day too.

  3. Lynn [Visitor] says:

    I walked by your house the other day and it looks fab. Its a 2 minute walk over the footy pitches from our house.

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