Bloody work not letting me get time to write blog entries ;)

So recap for those that care…

Considering how things are just now its going alot better than I expected. Myself and Vonnie are a little stressed about the upcoming move but more on that later. Finn seems to be grand these days and ‘graduated’ from his nursery on wednesday. They put on a wee show then the adults got to mingle with nibbles downstairs. Now I understand what Vonnie says about some of the parents… Nairn’s doing fine all things considered. Vonnie took him to the docs at teh beginning of the week to see about his vomitting… turns out he’s got reflux. The doc prescribed him Gaviscon which isnt ideal as it only treats the symptoms and not the cause so he was treated to a trip to the chiropracter. Most folk shout and scream at parents for doing that but they dont realise that they dont crack babies necks…its all about massage and it seemed to work yesterday. He has been very knackered ever since thuogh so hopefully its helping him. The kittens are coming along fine and they are getting on alot better with Tuna although they just have too much energy and have started ruining my jeans and climbing up our curtains :(

Really not liking all this work just now. No boss and too much work makes Bob a very unhappy bunny.

A few bits and pieces to be sorted out regarding the mortgage but the legal stuff seems to be going to plan. Just starting to think what we can afford to do to the place to make it a bit more homely and what we need as essentials ie new kitchen and carpets. I know its only in about 5 weeks but it feels like months away.

Went airsoft on sunday during one of the longest thunderstorms I’ve ever witnessed. Folk in EK said that it lasted maybe an hour and a half here but at Shotts it went on non-stop from about 11am until after 3pm. All the time we’re running about in the woods playing soldiers! The only bad thing about this was the weather meant we couldnt really use the other parts of the site. The fortifications that had been built were good but could be improved on and I seem to have started a wee war of words over on UKAN thanks to voicing those suggestions. Apparently because I dont go to build days I can’t comment or criticise.

Finally got a new graphics card for my PC so I’m back to being able to play Counterstrike and Guildwars without it looking like im back in the 80′s. In saying that though most of my time on my PC is spent playing UO these days. Got a little shop up and running and I’ve made something close to 200k in the last week from seeling some armour and some potions. Thankfully I can play that without having to keep my eye on the PC constantly so playing/feeding kids/doing housework doesnt stop for it all the time :)

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  1. RSG [Visitor] says:

    Not best pleased with the attitudes on display re: the building there… I plan to grab Beth for a wee chat next game, explain to her that folk aren’t having a go and that folk who build have to expect some feedback good AND bad on what’s done!

    You dried out yet?

  2. William [Visitor] says:

    For wot its worth I agree with wots you said on ukan…

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