Aarrgghh my skull!

What is it with this weather? Guarenteed the moment the sun comes out and the air gets hot i get a migraine. Well not so much a migraine as a cluster headache. You’ve probably heard me moan about them before because they can be a complete bastard. They are worse than migraines but thankfully they dont last anywhere near as long. The only problem is in this weather I can get 3-4 of them in a day where as I’d usually only maybe get 1 every 2 months normally.

I keep getting asked how a cluster headache feels and I never seem to work it out. Imagine if you can stubbing your toe hard on a doorframe whilst wearing only sock and doing it repeatedly for about an hour. Now if you were to condense that into maybe 5 minutes and condense the pain at the same time you might start to come close. Add into that the feeling that one of your eyeballs is about to explode due to it expanding inside your skull and someones trying to pop it with a sharp knife at the back of the eye. The only way I can deal with them is to walk up and down the office or the hall at home. The only problem with this just now is whenever I’ve been getting them I’ve been that busy that I cant step away from my desk for teh few minutes it would take to get over it.

I never started getting them until I hit about 19 years of age and I only ever really got them when I was on holiday so I alwasy just put it down to a really bad hangover, bright sunshine and to much ice cold Sprite drank too quickly to cure the hangover. Now I know different but it doesnt make it any easier to handle :(

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