Jump in the line…rock your body in time…

This heat is really getting to me. Its getting to everyone, Vonnie and Nairn included, but its making me ill.

I loved working in the freezers in Safeway during the summer. You could guarentee a nice shift if thats where you were put for the day. In fact our boss was convinced it was punishment at one point so he always gave that job tothe folk that turned up last for thier 12 noon start on a saturday so it usually involved myself and Scott Wilson hanging about in the lockerroom or triple checking our work schedules so we’d be last into the back store. Guarenteed we’d end up in the freezers that way.

This weather just leaves me lightheaded and dying of headaches.

god only knows how Nairn feels in this weathr. I know he isnt happy anyway going on Vonnie’s reports :S

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