Covered in bees!!!

Where the hell did these big bloody fly thingies come from?

In my youth you used to be shit scared of things like cleggs but I dont think I’d ever actually saw one and these days they show up all over the bloody place. It’s bad enough at airsoft where theyswarm at you almost but at least they arent that violent. Coming to work this morning one of them landed on my arm and the wee bastard wasnt for letting go or for letting his breakfast get away from him. Kept chasing me up the street and biting me. The wee shite.

I’ve spent all day with teh feeling that one of thems landed on me again and I keep jumping as if I’ve got a nervous twitch.

Not good :(

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  1. -RSG [Visitor] says:

    Someone else who agrees with me that clegg = horsefly!

    Argument in the pub the other night… Seems in some areas, cleggs = ticks.

    Which is just plain wrong.
    Silly people.

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