Bah..I failed

Didnt manage to post an entry for yesterday at all. Bugger :(

I could have cheated but I thought better of it. The only person I’d be cheating is myself after all.

So yeah saturday we went over to my parents to catch up with my cousins who’d came up to visit from England. good to see them again but it was really weird to see their kids as teh last time we met only Alan had a kid and she was something like 3 months old at the time where as he’s now got two and Julies working on her second as well.

Sunday was spent being tired, narky and generally downright rude to folk. It was nice :(

Headed out to Possil to the Comet Clearance place. Managed to pick up a bloody expensive frisge freexer for about 1/3 of its normal price because the sides were scratched and dented with a few wee dings on the front. Considering the fridge will be covered it things anyway thanks to handy magnets and it will have a wall and cupboard on either side of it I think we won a watch with that. In saying that though we are going to have to build an extension to hold it though :(
Got a cheap washing machine as well but there wasnt anywhere near as much damage on that so I think it was something like 30 quid off the full price for that one.

Finished watching NCIS Season 3 and I can’t believe how it ended :(

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