It’s amazing what the internet can teach you

I know everyone is up in arms about the japanese whaling fleet and how they want to raise thier quota. I think everyones right though…Save a whale, Collect the entire set and all that. Same with seal clubbing…all very dodgy and dislikable.

There is one thing the Japanese get up to though that has majorly impacted on my these last few weeks. They have overfished the box jellyfish almost to extinction. You cant get spare boxes anywhere these days becuase tehre just isnt any in the wild to catch these days. Dried box jellyfish come in many forms but these days your lucky if you can get tiny ones never mind a box of decent size. It just proves how bad the jellyfish stocks are when it gets like this!

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  1. Vonnie [Member] says:

    What the honest fuck are you on about?

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