T-1. Complications are within normal parameters…honest.

I don’t think i’ve been this tired in a good 5 months. Working all day then coming home to help deal with the kids and pack as well as look after Vonnie a wee bit as shes not well takes it out of you.

Packing actually seems to be going not to bad. Or rather it was until we found out we couldnt fit the replacement shower ourself and ~Vonnies sister falling down a manhole and knackering in her knee whilst looking after the kids for us. Vonnies a way over just now to see her and to pick up the kids to drop off at my mums.

The shower was a joke. Got my dad up to help fit it and we couldnt find the stop cock. Turns out what I thought was it was actually one of two stop cocks but neither would have helped us with the shower. Turns out that the shower is plugged directly into the main tank for our block rather than from the mains. Meant I had to climb up into the loft on tuesady night, something Ive never done before, and find out where the hell the pipes went as at that point we’d only guessed thats what had happened. Got the plumber out just now fitting it but he’s having trouble trying to work out why waters pissing out of it despite it being turned off :S

Anyway better get back to finishing off the packing…

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