And we’re in!

My god we have alot of stuff. And alot of very helpful friends as well by the way :)

Started packing the vans about 9am and 4.5 vanloads later and almost 8 hours of lifting/carrying/cleaning later we were out and unloaded into the new house. Barry, Jen, Shug and Dave Randomfactor stayed behind for a few beers and we got a little pissed watching a film whilst Vonnie went to bed. I really wanted to title this entry “Shug bit ma banger” but you’d have had to have been there to get it :p Basically we found the boxx of bangers I bought from the cash and carry years agao and he ended up biting them to set them off.

Its been a busy few days since then and we’ve managed to get the beds up, make one half of the living room livible and sort out the kitchen. Theres a few niggling problems but until the cash clears from the sale of the flat we’ll just need to live with them..hopefully shouldnt be much longer.

This living without carpets is doing my head in at the moment though. My feet feel like they are about to crack as the dust is drying them out and its getting bloody sore at times :(

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