Teething Problems

So thats almost 2 weeks in the house over and done with and what exactly have we achieved? Not very much to be honest. Its in a livable state and thats about it.

Thanks to the money from the flat sale taking its sweet time coming through we’ve had to wait getting the bathroom sorted and the plumber kept either ignoring our txt’s or phonecalls and then not turning up when he said he would because apparently he’s rushed off his feet at the moment. He’s been though and had a look around but its going to cost us an arm and a leg to get it done :(

We’ve not managed to get the time to look at carpets etc purely because we’ve had to wait in on so many things. Telewest have been thier usual busy selves after our phone was installed as the first guy didnt install it on teh exchange correctly and then water got in the second time and ruined half the streets phonelines. I’ve been getting ear shattering static and cross lines all week thanks to that but hopefully its fixed now *fingers crossed*

And then the super duper fridge freezer broke. Or rather a fuse blew and took the temp sensor with it. Despite screaming blue murder down the phone at Comet and running up huge mobile phone bills thanks to the land line not working its been broken for a week and today the engineer finally turned up only to have been provided with the wrong bloody part.

See the person that said “You’ve been damn lucky with the move if nothings broken yet” I’m going to hunt you down and skin you alive. I wont turn you into a mansuit but I’m sure a couple of hanging baskets could be arranged.

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