So back to work I went yesterday. Wasn’t looking forward to it and I’m still waking up in the middle of the night dreading goign to work the next day. I really don’t think the last two weeks off work have helped much with that :)

So yeah, I thought I’d try and get a bit more in shape. You can read that as “Bob’s a penny pincher” if you really must but I’ve started cycling to and from work despite the bus stop for the 201 being about 100 yards from my front door. I used to do it all the time when I stayed in Greenhills but then again first thing in the morning the downhill journey was very much appreciated and I think I was lucky to have to pedal for maybe 20 yards the whole way. I could make it to work in under minutes which is pretty good. Now I need to cycle, and I do mean cycle…none of this freewheeling nonsense, for at least 20 minutes each way. My legs constantly feel like jelly and my arse feels as though its been turned to stone. hopefully I’ll get used to it again :)

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