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Put politely I’m fucked. Been struck down with a bugger of a cold since Tuesday. I just feel as though my sinuses want to kill me and now that I’ve started to debung I’m coughing. Coughs arent usually that bad unless its a real raspy chesty cough but this ones an annoyingly empty cough. Barely anything sets it off and I can cough and cough and nothing moves. It just stays ticklish. Thinking of going back to work tomorrow as if I keep active I seem to be OK but even walking up the stairs is making me break out in a sweat half the time.

I’ve been gradually trying to sort the kitchen out into something that resembles order. Since we lost the huge cupboard when we got the boiler fitted we’ve been struggling for storage space but I think we’ve worked something out for now. Just leaves the washing to get up to date with and the kitchen should be clear :). Also since we had the carpets fitted Finn’s room has been a state and we’ve constantly meant to sort it out properly for him but between my sickleave for migraines and this cold I’ve not really been able to do much. This caused a problem today when Finn got home from school and the rain started coming down heavy. I had to sort it out into some sort of order so that he’d have enough space to play and put his lego out on the floor etc. With his help we got it ddone in about an hour but my god did I feel it afterards. Walking him to anf from school the last couple of days has nearly killed me as well. I collapsed on the couch this morning and barely moved for about 3 hours. I just didnt have the energy!

Nairn started nursery today. We certainly felt weird about it but he didnt seem to mind. In fact early reports seem to sugest that he loved it. Maybe this will work :)

I’ve been meaning to get the photoblog up and running properly but due to me only finding my digi compact the other day and realising that the batteries are dead I’ve not really been able to keep up with updates. This meant your having to put up with crappy pics I took with the SLR whilst sitting nursing my pint at a wedding we were at the other night. None of the pics I took actually came out that well seeing as I was trying out all the settings on it. Vonnie got a few good pics though.

Right I’m off to bed. Vonnies been up there for the last hour trying to recover from her stupidly early start every thursday so I think its only fair I join her and get some sleep.

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