She canne take it captin!

Cold turkey yet again. Thats what it feels like without internet access after all these years.

We were supposed to go through to Dave’s for his birthday on saturday night so we’d managed to get Vonnie’s dad to babysit for us. We headed through there at the back of five to allow us some time there before heading back to get ready. Vonnie’s dad has just moved from Boness to Armadale and his new house is HUGE. Rather large garden with a 4 bedroom house with basement right in the middle. Really rather nice so it is. Anyway we left there at some point between 8 and 9pm with the intention of heading home to get changed then about 5 minutes after starting we changed that to going home via Dave’s flat. After about another 10 minutes driving I woke up and realised Vonnie wasn’t far off falling asleep herself so we headed straight home and after a couple of minutes on teh computer Vonnie went straight to bed. I turned the PC off and shut up house before headign to bed myself.

Sunday morning comes and I turn the PC to get a quite game of Warcraft 3 out the way before we have to go and get the kids. I turn on the PC and it gets throught the autodetection and then hangs. I can’t work out why and I’m stumped. At some point during the day I reseated all the cards and unplugged/replugged all the cables and still nothing. It was suggested it might be the bios so I took out the battery and let it over night but after putting that back in it still wouldnt work. Now we’re currently trying to buy Vonnie a laptop for uni so thanks to technology moving on if I was to replace the motherboard I’d have to buy a new CPU and memory which works out at something like 120 quid minimum which is about a third of the money for the laptop. Mo Nevali kindly offered to help out whilst Mark went looking in his spares box for a motherboard I could use to test my theories.

Got home from work last night and opened the case back up and repeated everything I’d tried on sunday and the bloody thing worked. And worst yet I couldnt replicate the problem so I was no further forward with what casued it. Mo redid everything I had tried and he couldnt either but after running a few tests we came up with a couple of theories. The first being that the IDE controller is fecked as the drives throw out errors if everything i connected but dont if only 3 of the 4 devices are hooked up. The more likely problem is that the the PSU cant handle all the devices and throws a wobbly every so often. I cant help wonder though as my 300w ran my PC for years where as the 350W PSU I’ve got now has only been in properly a few months.

Either way its back up and running and Vonnies can get her uni work sorted where as I can get back to watching all the TV I keep missing ;)

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