“Where’s your camera, aren’t you gonna take some pictures?”

So far in teh last 2 weeks I’ve sat down and wrote about 4 huge entries for this place and either said ‘nah’ and deleted it or I’ve been playing Champ Manager with my downloads on and my PC has died under the processor load/harddrive usage as is its want.

I suppose a quick update needs done though.

Nairns almost crawling properly. He’s commando crawling and rolling everywhere just now but he just cant seem to hold himself up for more than a few ‘steps’ when crawling properly. To be fair he spends most of his time trying to stand up so I doubt he’ll be crawling for long if at all.

He finally said ‘mum’ this morning so Vonnies happy at last as well.

Finn had his halloween party last night and insisted he went as a pterodactyl. This cause Vonnie much stress as she spent yesterday trying to make his outfit. I didnt help by saying a couple of nights previously that I’d make the head/hat and not doing it. He loved it though and it apparently went down well with the kids.

Vonnie’s got herself a job as a bloody HR Administrator. I worked damn hard for that job title so I did and she swans into a job just like that! Only kidding…well done and all that :)

As for me. Ive went from happily trudging along to having a member of the senior civil service calling for my job. Add getting my mid-year review today to the mix and you could probably say I’m just that lucky :p

I did get the big boss persons authority for remote working though so I’ll have a swanky laptop soon so that I can work from hom and get away early to pick Finn up form school some days. Just a pity the laptop is locked though. With a bit of luck I might find some workarounds though like I did with the PC on my desk at work. Dont think I could survive with the DFID wallpaper at home as well as at work!

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